small beauties: my own back yard edition

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[ A close view of a bit of half-buried root; the wood grain curls in waves like the sea in stormy weather. ]

This is a really nice place to spend the winter; I’m really enjoying it here. A yard full of Ponderosas, the mountains rising in the distance, & above it all, that deep blue Colorado sky.

Not that I got any pictures of the sky, it was all tiny stuff on the ground.


I haven’t seen woodpeckers yet, but I’ve heard them, & seen their calling cards.


[ Ponderosa bark, still on the tree, drilled through with two holes, one above the other. ]

I don’t know who dropped this, but it fell in the right spot.


[ A piece of green glass, rounded like a river-worn pebble, is embedded is moss, along with tiny rocks and pine needles. ]

(I spent a little time trying to pry it up, but it’s stuck GOOD.)

Of course I harvested a lil Ponderosa resin while I was out there.


[ A flat mass of pale Ponderosa resin, stuck to the bark of the tree. This wasn’t gonna come loose. ]

It’s good to get outside.

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