cats: all alone & lonely edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, and Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, are both meatloafed up on the passeger seat of a car. Everyone’s ears are drooping sadly. ]

The boys’ Uncle Jasper has disappeared off into the wilds of OVFF for a week, & y’all, the boys are NOT dealing well with this.

They came along to see him off, of course. Loiosh spent the last several minutes of the drive to the train station draped over Jasper’s lap, kneading — he almost NEVER kneads — while Tom stood in the passenger seat footwell, mewing piteously & demanding pets.

Once he was gone, they wasted no time in taking over his spot.

Wallowing in his scent? Or just enjoying the warm spot? They’re cats; who knows?

Tom abandoned the seat after a while, but Loiosh spent the rest of the drive home there.


[ Loiosh has flopped over onto the seat, and is now stretched out, both forepaws in front of him, one just barely over the edge of the seat. He is peacefully asleep. ]

Tom needed to stomp around the car & shout some before he settled, but he finally found a spot.


[ Tom’s tucked into a pile of flannel and other fabric in the back seat, looking past the camera, towards the front of the car. ]

… what?


[ He’s turned his face to look right at the camera, and while the shot isn’t as sgarp as it could be, the exasperated expression on his face is perfectly clear. ]

I keep telling them Jasper’ll be back in a week, but I don’t think they believe me yet.

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