cats: back yard wander edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, stands facing the camera, one eye squinted mostly shut. ]

I’ve been carrying a basket of pendulums & other new stuff around for the last three months, not getting around to taking pictures of them so I can get them posted, but I finally got round to it today.

Tom decided to come along and help, but pretty immediately had Opinions about it.

… yes, yes, daystar bright, sorry, product pictures do better with at least some natural light going on.

(mood, tho)

I got a bunch of pics done before we decided to take a wander.


[ A close photo of a tea tin, with a label that says ‘ponderosa resin’. The dirt and pine needles it’s sitting on are sharp and clear, but the tin itself is blurry. ]

… not always with success.

But Tom was patient with me, if only because he found some grass to nom.


[ Tom’s sitting in a patch of green grass, looking back over his shoulder. His tongue is sticking out. ]

Eventually he got wiggly. There’s an entire back yard here that he’s barely gotten to explore, after all.


[ Tom’s standing over a small round basket that holds a couple tea tins and some glass jars of salve. A few blue beads are just visible at the bottom. ]

So we went walkies.


[ Tom’s walking through a stand of dry grass and brush. A green leash trails behind him. His ears and whiskers are perked forwards. ]

This was ALMOST a Dramatical Posing shot, except for the part where I’m slow.


[ Tom’s been caught in the act of walking directly away from the camera. Why yes, that’s his butthole. ]

Alas. Tom’s ass.

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