IN the meantime …

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[ A pair of thick socks, mottled in shades of dark pink. Blue stitching is visible at the balls & heels of the soles. ]

I didn’t spend the week doing nothing, have you MET me. (Although I did take several naps, go me.)

I spent a lot of time flopped on the couch, reading, & also got some sewing done. As witness!

… okay, yes, strictly speaking this is darning, not sewing.

I turned another pair of socks into fingerless gloves.


[ A pair of fingerless gloves, striped in white & lavender & purple, with holes for thumbs, and curved bits cut from the heel over the thumb holes. ]

… really LONG fingerless gloves.


[ My left arm; I’m wearing one of the gloves, which goes to just above my elbow. Also, in the background, Major Tom is curled up on my bed. ]

I added a bit more lace to the patchwork quilt I made for the booth.


[ The quilt is made up of pieces of batik fabric in greens, blues, and purples. A length of white lace, maybe three inches across and just over a foot long and clearly picked off of something else, has been sewn across a piece that’s purple with white wheel-shapes on it. ]

There might need to be beads on that lace, but I’ll get there.

& I’ve been working on turning an old flannel that used to be my dad’s into a patch vest. Haven’t gotten to the patch part yet, because APPARENTLY it needed some lace first.


[ An old navy blue flannel. The sleeves have been cut off and a piece of off-white lace runs down where the side seam was. ]

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