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[ A good stick, a bunch of copper wire, & some beads. ]

Above, the ingredients!

… oh, right, this is the stick that had a rock stuck in it! (The rock did come out with a little poking — I was worried it’d fall out & I’d lose it on the ground — but I’ve glued it back in.)

[ A small mostly-white pebble is stuck in a nook in the stick, which grew around it some. ]

On Woods Day I do most of my hammering with the anvil perched on my thigh, but sometimes you really gotta bang on something, so I hauled it out & found a good rock to put it on once or twice.

[ A hunk of steel, about four inches square & probably a half in ch thick, sits on a lichen-covered boulder, along with a small hammer & a piece of thick copper wire. ]

Stuck a spiral on one of the drapes, for funsies.

[ A piece of thick copper wire curved into a long u-shape, maybe eight inches long, with a spiral at one end. ]

All framed out!

[ The stick is at an angle, lower on the right, with a long copper u attached at both ends & draping beneath; the piece with the spiral at the end is attached to the middle of the bigger u & to another spot on the stick. There’s a big empty space between those & the stick. ]

… wait, no. NOW it’s all framed out.

[ I made another drape to go in the empty space; on the left side it’s fastened at the same spot as the bigger drape, & on the right it’s hooked to the stick near the smaller drape. I really don’t know how to describe these, I’m sorry. ]

I got a fair amount done, but then realized I needed more beads before I could go further. Only one kind of small beads wasn’t gonna be enough, & none of the other small beads I’d brought along were right.

[ An aluminum foil cupcake tray with four cupcake holes. Each holds beads: one has small dark yellow glass, another has pierced metal beads, one has faceted smoked glass beads, & the last has round white discs on jump rings. ]

But I like what I did get done!

[ Thin copper wire winds around a couple of the thick copper wire drapes, holding on small yellow beads & some of the white disks. ]

I never remember to get process pics when I’m finishing something up at home, but here’s the finished piece!

It’ll go up on the website soon! I hope!

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