small beauties (& big rocks)

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[ A view up maybe twenty feet of a rocky slope, with evergreen trees at the top. ]

Just a little bit of a hill, but such treasures at the top!

… once the boys caught up, anyways. But. Leaves!

[ Oak leaves — some still green, some already brown, some caught in between in luminous shades of yellow. ]

[ More of that, but there’s one that’s yellow at the tips & shades to green everywhere else. ]

[ More oak leaves, but these are either already brown or a really nice orangey-red. ]

I found this Very Determined Tree, which grew its way like three feet sideways before it got out from under that rock.

[ The truck of a ponderosa pine, which apparently germinated underneath a wide slab of rock & grew three feet sideways underneath it before it reached the end & started to grow upwards. ]

dat VIEW

It’s hard to see, but there’s a windy stream running down the middle of that clear area in the trees. I wanna get down there & explore.

[ An expansive view across miles & miles of evergreen forest, with a long, narrow clearing running more-or-less down the center. ]

… gonna be a long way down. Part of my foot for scale, not because I wasn’t paying attention when I took the picture. >.>

[ A steep, rocky slope extends downwards an indeterminate distance into the trees. ]

We just went far down enough to get back on the ledge the van was on, & then followed that back around. But. That VIEW.

[ Another view, with the clearing from the first photo now to the right; in the center distance are low mountains. ]

I found the hugest juniper berries I’ve ever seen.

[ There’s seven of em in the palm of my hand, & they’re each, like, half an inch across. ]

Also lichens, for Radical Honey.

[ Low-growing lichens, in various shades of grey-green, on a red rock. ]

The TINIEST footyprints. They look like cat prints but they’re only maybe half an inch across? I suspect some variety of weasel. SO WEE

[ Tiny footprints in sandy soil ]

& then we got back to the van & were very tired, the end.

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