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[ My usual Woods Day workbench is holding TWO hunks of driftwood, a LOT of copper wire, a tangle of three different pieces of jewelry, & several ziploc bags holding MORE jewelry.  Optimism! ]

I got REALLY ambitious last Saturday. Surely I could finish TWO faery home decor pieces! Right? Right?

… y’all go ahead & laugh.

I got a fair bit done on one, but the boys were terrible & the air was getting smoky & really, I need something other than a tree to hang these pieces up on while I’m working on them. But I’m pretty okay with how this one turned out?

Framing this one out took forEVer, partly cos that LONG curved hunk of copper at the bottom took a LOT of hammering & partly cos not long after I finished it up I LOST IT for about fifteen minutes.

[ A piece consisting of a good-sized hunk of driftwood with two long arcs of hammered copper hanging from it, along with a hammered copper spiral, hangs against a tree trunk. ]

This one got complex, too, so there were a lot of intermediate steps. Also I forgot to bring anything to hold the beads again, so I hadda commandeer a cat food bowl. Again.

[ Two oval purple discs sit in the foreground, each with a ‘tail’ of clear & purple glass beads attached; just behind them on the workbench is a metal cat food bowl holding more discs, more beads, & a couple short lengths of copper. ]

This is as far as I got before shoving the boys back in the van to go home, but you can see the bones of it.

[ A round purple disc with a hole in the middle hangs from the driftwood, held in place by a length of thin copper threaded with clear & purple beads. ]

I worked on it a bit more when I got home & finished it the next day, but didn’t take any photos in there; it wasn’t easy working at my desk, & soon I’m gonna hafta give in & make a dedicated space for this sort of thing.

But, you know, I feel like it looks okay.

[ The same piece, hanging against a white interior wall. A bunch more of the purple discs have been added in strategic places, along with large purple beads. The balance of the piece is … interesting. ]

There were PRECISELY enough pieces left from the two piles of bits I was working from to make a pair of matching earrings, so I did those too. I don’t know who buys earrings to match their faery home decor, but there’s only one way to find out!

[ Two round purple discs, each with a ‘tail’ of purple & clear glass beads. I’ll add the earwires later. ]

I’m only allowing dibs to Patreon subscribers now, because there was a Situation in which two people wanted it & said so in two different places, & I saw them out of order, & it could have been Very Bad but everyone was kind & polite about it, but Stuff Happens, so the rest of y’all are gonna hafta wait til I get it posted, which should happen … soon. Probably.

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