take a walk in the park

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, walks through green grass, under a deep blue sky. ]

The last time me & the boys were in Edgewood, Venus Park was closed for the plague, so we went up the hill into the Sandias instead. Nothing wrong with that, but Venus Park is really close to both my doctor & the boys’ vet, so when we’re in town for either (or both) of those, we nearly always go.

There was someone walking their dogs when we arrived, so Tom didn’t want to leave the van. He had a really boring trip into town, more’s the pity. He’s been happy to wander there before, but, well, cats.

Loiosh had a LOVELY time!

We wandered further than usual, & rested for a few moments in the shade of what I’m pretty sure was an old bridge that someone had just … stuck there.

[ He’s laying in the shade, looking up & to the left. ]

& then we sat in the shade of the pavilion for a bit — it was pretty warm out in the sun!

[ He’s laying on a table, in the shade again; the picture is mostly just his handsome face. ]

I tried luring Tom out with treats, which was ineffective, but I got some GREAT pictures of Loiosh nomming on em.

[ He’s bent down over a couple treats sitting on a picnic table; his mouth is wide open & he looks like a dork. ]


[ Also I guess eating treats somehow requires one to stick one’s entire tongue entirely out, because that’s what’s happening here. ]

Apparently he was wiped out afterwards. WIPED. OUT.

[ He’s absolutely flopped out on the van bed, eyes barely open, forepaws stuck out over the edge of the bed. ]

Same, tho. Alas that I hadda drive.

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