small beauties, Venus Park edition

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[ Bright yellow many-petalled flowers on tall green stalks ]

Venus Park, if you take a quick look at it from the road, is a large, rectangular area of green grass that’s obvious watered on the regular, surrounded by brown, scrubby land that’s pretty typical of New Mexico.

Take a closer look with me.

So many flowers. SO many flowers.

I couldn’t get a true-colour picture of these, but they’re still pretty.

[ Tiny five-petalled flowers in green grass; in the shade, they’re a luminous blue, but in the sun, they’re lavender. ]

Daisies, or at least relatives. Not that THAT narrows it down much.

[ They’ve got white petals & big yellow centres like daisies, but the petals are narrower & the flowers are smaller. ]

My first thought was ‘pells’! Alas, no. Probably for, like, volleyball.

[ Two abandoned tires, each filled with concrete; a metal pole, maybe seven feet tall, sticks up from the middle of each one. ]

SEVERE temptation. But they weren’t by the trash, so there they stay.

[ A really big pile of pallets. SO MANY PALLETS. ]

More flowers!

[ These are pale yellow, as if faded in the sun. Each flower has five rounded petals & the centres are reddish. ]


[ Bright yellow fruit at the end of a cholla branch — don’t touch, the cholla is entirely covered in LONG spines. ]

Also an entirely random metal bridge. No, it doesn’t go over anything. Except more of the ground.

[ Yep, that’s a metal bridge. Maybe fifty feet long? Just sitting there. ]

Cool textures though!

[ A close view of rusty metal, with a rounded rivet cap sticking out. ]

Lastly, treasure!

[ A hunk of cholla bone, & a small metal thing that looks like maybe part of the air valve on a tire? ]

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