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but to be fair the thing I found in the woods IS legit pretty creepy

Not wanting to become the first five minutes of a Supernatural episode, I took my pictures VERY quickly & then bolted for the van, which I’d carefully parked pointing in the direction of ‘out’.

That said, I got home that day & immediately posted this to twitter:

okay so um if crossing running water stops evil spirits then crossing a cattle grate oughta do it too, right? like, they’re liminal the same way?

cos if not well i might need more salt

Which caused a certain amount of concern among my followers, who responded in a variety of ways, from practical advice:

Amadis: What’s the cattle grate made out of? If it’s iron enough you’re probably good

Ian: I thought the idea that running water, like salt, is “purifying” not sure cattle grate would do the trick but it’s all in the mind. What about a moat of bleach?

Steph: Cattle grates are cold iron, right? Probably fairly effective against the woodland kind. Probably not as effective against the city kind but I mean that looked like the woodland kind.

to, well. Y’all KNOW me by now.

Ari: …what HAPPENED

Brigid: Are you gonna make me have to reinforce the Box Of Protection For My Peoples?

Melissa: …….. What did you do?!?

A tumbledown structure built from logs with the bark still on, braced against several still-standing trees. Old, white vertebrae are visible on the ground inside.

Nobody found the bones reassuring, oddly enough.

Ari: …please, please, don’t go exploring. and don’t tell me if you already did. please. oh my. why. (I retract the why, I know you too well.)

me: did … did you think i was going to NOT go exploring? have you MET me?

Melissa: That’s…um…a Thing….

me: yeah i pretty much took pictures & then bolted for the van

Further information was sought.

Skulleigh: Are those vertebra? I don’t think a cattle guard will do it unless maybe you throw down some salt as you go over. And if there’s a fence line.

me: yes. yes, those are vertebrae. also three of the cattle grates in question came with fences. guess i better go back out with the salt.

Melissa: About how high is that shelf?

me: that’s the ceiling

Some of my friends are pretty good at ‘blunt’.

Kit: Welp, yer definitely cursed now

I am very, very glad I know enough to know this isn’t a human pelvis.

A bleached white pelvis bone, laying on disturbed ground. It's too elongated to be human, or anything that ever walked upright.

Anyway nothing creepy showed up in the night & as far as I can tell I’m not cursed, so it looks like I got away with it!

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