at least _I_ got something done …

20200811 181303

… because for sure neither of the boys accomplished a THING.

To be fair, it was this sort of day.

A grassy alpine meadow, seen through a few tall ponderosa pines, with another grove of ponderosas in the distance; above, blue sky with puffy clouds.

& we did take a walk, about which more later.

But mostly they kind of dozed.

Tom under the van again; he's got one forepaw tucked underneath him, & his eyes are about half open.

Loiosh even put himself back in the van for me before we left, a delightful change from the trouble he caused the week before.

Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying on the floor of the van, leaning against a ponderosa log. He's looking at the camera, & he's got one forepaw stretched out in front of him.

& then he fell asleep.

Loiosh is in the same spot, but his eyes are mostly closed now.

It’s all good. One of us was busy, & that one was, well, me.

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