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Couple days ago I took the boys off into the woods for the day, which was a Very Excellent Decision & which I need to do more often. I gathered SEVERAL ounces of piñon resin & a random bone, & when I came back to the pile later, a tree had added half a pinecone.

I’ve been needing to plant & repot some things for a while, & finally got round to it today. Here’s a creeping charlie in a slightly bigger pot than previously. Makes a nice lil tableau with the blue glass bottles & the chalkboard.

The creeping charlie is in an off-white pot. It's a milt relative, & the leaves look similar. There are two blue glass bottles, one tall & one short, & on the wall hangs a framed piece of slate chalkboard framed in wood.

Its old pot is now occupied by a spider plant baby.

A wee striped spider plant sits in a purple metal pot that's hanging from four purple cords with copper hooks on the end, because have you met me.

Rowan started some lentil sprouts while he was here, & then Inoru & I failed to eat them all in time, so they got kinda bigger than planned. I stuck a couple in a pot; it’s next to the basil I planted a couple weeks back. Don’t know if they’ll make it, but worth a try, right?

Looking down at two plant pots sitting in the window -- one holds a flourishing basil plant, & the other has four tiny thready stems. Who knows, they might grow.

There was most of a head of butter lettuce that still had roots, & a LOT of green onions, so I stuck them in a pot too. Which is when I ran out of potting soil.

A wide oval metal pot sits in the window. There's a clump of pale green lettuce in the middle, & two green onions planted in each end.

& Hades is guarding the whole thing! Or possibly just not bothering to wake up. Hard to tell the difference some days.

A rectangular pink basket sits in front of all the plants. It's the perfect size to hold a cat, & that's what it's doing; Hades is meatloafed in it, gazing speculatively off into the distance.
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