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Baldur In A Box

This is Baldur! I am told that he is Very Happy whenever his humans get a box from me.

Below is Zoey, my roommates’ truck cat, on a rare visit home. This basket is usually only occupied by Hades, & you had best believe there were Opinions.

A smol cat in a big basket -- all that's visible is the top half of Zoey's head. Her nose is pink, her muzzle is white, her ears & most of her face are stripey orange, & she's got an upside-down black heart on her forehead.

I dared to go into a room & close the door. He had Opinions about that, too.

Hades is sitting in the hallway, just outside a door that I have DARED to close on him. He's staring up at the doorknob with great focus.

Loiosh had Opinions about whether I should be talking. His opinion was No.

Me, a white person, sitting cross-legged on the floor. I'm holding Loiosh upside down in my arms like a baby, & he's got both paws firmly pressed against my face over it.

But then he found this excellent cat bed & was Very Happy.

A classic woven baby basket sits just inside a window. It's got a couple of blue plaid blankets in it, & is, also, infested with an orange cat.

I found the baby basket at, guess what, the abandoned house, & set it up for them a couple weeks ago, but you know cats, it took a while for them to admit it was there. It’s gonna be popular now though.

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