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I was GOING to get that shutter done today, since I’d finally managed to pick up the hinges from Home Despot on Friday, & I was REALLY excited, except that when I opened the bag, this is what came out.

Yep, that is one (1) hinge. Note the presence of two little baggies of screws, each of which holds enough screws for one hinge. But only one hinge.

I had to order the hinges (along with a couple other things) as ship to store, instead of getting them shipped here. The first time I tried to pick the order up they gave me part of the order but not the hinges & the block plane I’d bought, but marked them as already picked up. I had to call them about that stuff, which I can’t do from the house, but at least they assured me that the hinges & block plane would be ready to go?

When I went AGAIN to pick them up on Friday I tried calling for curbside pickup, but sat there on hold for fifteen minutes before getting hung up on. So I had to wait in the long line in the sun for twenty minutes to get inside to get my stuff, & then I only get one hinge. will ship things to me. That’s where I’m going from now on, if I can help it at ALL.

I’m not mad that Home Despot had a line, that’s how things go these days, & they had even put up a couple of sunshades over part of it, so they get points for that? But like, don’t offer contactless pickup if you’re not gonna do contactless pickup.

ANYWAY I went stomping back into the house & flailed around Lowe’s website for a while until I found hinges I can work with. They should be here in a week. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I put a couple coats of paint on the top & side of the door. Most of the little gaps in the particle-board-ish interior that was exposed when I cut the door down to fit in the doorframe are filled in with paint now, & a couple more coats ought to get the rest of them.

The side door is inside Tyrava, leaning against the wall. The edge has been painted dark purple.

In between coats of paint on the doorframe I also got one side of the cabinet sanded & ready to paint. I think I want to get a nice ocean blue to paint it, though, so that’s gonna hafta wait until I can get the paint.

The cabinet's been turned so the side is facing up, & the wood veneer has been lightly sanded.

I was tired of waiting for functional hinges to even be able to put the shutters together, so I picked hinges that will work without me needing to do finicky measurements. They’ll be boring hinges, but I can paint the shutter all pretty & that’ll make up for it.

I got the boards lined up & the shutter put together, & that is kind of a relief.

A window shutter made up of several horizontal wooden boards held together by two boards fastened vertically.

I realized when it was done, though, that I’d only sanded one side of the boards, out of pure habit from doing the front inside wall — but both sides of the shutter will be visible. So the last thing I did was plop down & sand the other side of the shutter.

The shutter from the other side -- just a bunch of narrow boards lined up next to each other. Atop them is a drill with a sanding wheel.

The outside will be painted the same dark purple as the trim. I’m waffling on the inside, between the pale lavender that I used on the outside walls, or the ocean blue I’m gonna use on the cabinet. Either way, I’m not gonna decide right now.

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