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The view down the side of the roof, showing where the tarp is held down by the trim, except this time everything is also held together by a bunch of clamps.

(this was supposed to go up like a month ago & randomly failed, idek)

I THOUGHT I’d taken more pics while tucking in the tarp along the side, & here they are.

A really close view -- the tarp is curled over the edge of the plywood, & the flat, white trim piece is just beneath it, but not fastened down yet.

I also got about half of the tarp along the front wall tucked in properly; I can’t do the right side yet, though, because I still need to be able to peel the tarp back on that side.

The front wall, where the roof overhangs the wall by about a foot and a half. The tarp's tucked under the rafters here now, too.

… okay, plus I need more trim. But I’m really happy with how it looks so far!

Same view, pretty much, only now with the trim set in between the rafters, & everything lines up a lot better here, too.

& then Monday, in between everything else, I got a bunch more of the front inside wall done.

That front inside wall? Done to within just a couple feet of the floor now, woo!


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