incidental boy


Of course the boy came along for the test drive! This is as much about him as it is about me. Also getting him out of the house to run off some energy this time of year is ALWAYS a good idea.

First stop was at the lake nearby — just a few miles away, plenty of room to turn around, & BONUS stuff for the boy to climb on. All was well with Tyrava so we just let Loiosh wander around for a bit. (Inoru bravely came along for the test drive & also took all of these pics — thank you!)

Dramatic boy, dramatically gazing.

A close shot of Loiosh, gazing steadfastly off to the right. Some of the upper bits of the road-fixing machine are visible in the background.

I picked him up & held him upside down like a baby, which he’s usually VERY patient about but he did give Inoru the Please Save Me look.

Loiosh peeks around my arm, head sideways, pitiful gaze deployed. His eyes are ridiculously green.

Getting ready to Leap!

Loiosh, seen from below, the sky behind him, a small corner of orange machine beneath him. One paw is raised, & he's eyeing the jump to the ground.

He had fun, & I’m glad I brought him along.

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