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After a long, lovely autumn without having to worry TOO much about things getting wet, it’s time for the winter precipitation.

I’d already planned to use a tarp for the roof, at least until I can afford something nicer, so I just ordered that a bit earlier than I would have otherwise & strapped it down over the rafters.

& by ‘strapped’ & mean I used a bunch of clip clamps & whatever else was hanging around. It wasn’t anything you’d call pretty.

The side of the wagon. You can still see some of the back, more of the roof is visible, & there's another blue tarp over the side door, with more pallets keeping it there.

Or very stable, it turns out. Monday I woke up to surprise!wind. I’d been working on the walls all weekend, but I hadn’t gotten to the roof (& I don’t have the plywood yet ANYWAY) so there was nothing for it: I had to get the tarp strapped back down.

I got SO MUCH done over the weekend, though. Here’s the front wall, FINISHED:

The top of the front wall isn't entirely visible, cos there's a white tarp in the way, but there's boards all the way up, I swear.

& the left side wall, _almost_ done. I need three more t&g boards & that’s DONE.

The side wall, with just a bit of unboarded space at the top. Also there's a tarp over part of it, & this time it looks like it'll stay.

Also I collected every bungee cord I could lay my hands on & borrowed some tiedowns from my roommate, & THIS time the tarp is SECURE.

The inside really feels like an inside now!

Part of the back wall is showing, plus some of the roof, & a bit of side wall. There's plenty of light coming in through the tarp but yes: INSIDE.

I’ve got a tarp over the big back window & another over the side door, but I didn’t have yet another tarp for the front door, so I … improvised. With a door.

A plain boring white door is propped against the front door, held in place by a pallet, which is, in turn, held in place by a coffeetable.

Specifically, the closet door I’d pulled off when I first moved in here. Suitably braced. Heck, I’d just use it for the real door, but it’s the hollow kind. Alas.

It’s all good. I’m gonna grab a couple nice sturdy wood doors from the abandoned house & cut those down.

I also moved the tinker’s wagon around to the lee side of the house. It’s still wooshy there but not nearly so bad. & everything stayed up while I was moving it! Which. Of course it was going to. Probably. I wasn’t worried that all the screws would spontaneously fall off. Too much.

It’s staying there until there’s ACTUALLY a roof & probably until I’ve got doors in & something to go over the window. & then it’s moving to the driveway outside my front window, cos it turns out if I can’t look out & make sure it’s still there every once in a while, I get all skitchy.

Also there’s less mud.

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