a winter holiday miracle!

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okay FINE it’s too early for a real Christmas miracle & I don’t know if Yule comes with miracles but probably the cold had something to do with it so

YES that is MAJOR TOM & in that picture he is LAYING ON MY LAP


I basically froze when he hopped up there. He’s been willing to use me as a highway for a while, & to lay near my feet on the couch for a couple weeks, but this? TOTALLY NEW.

It's basically the same picture except this time I'm petting him.

They’re terrible pictures & I don’t even care, I’m just glad I had my phone within reach so I could record the moment.

He stayed there for a while, too, even after Loiosh decided he needed some of Momma’s lap too.

It was … fraught.

No selfie this time. Both boys are laying on my lap, about eight inches apart. Their ears are ELOQUENT of crankiness.

I mean. The EARS.

But nobody punched anybody, & eventually they settled down.

Both boys, curled up, peacefully asleep.

Eventually Loiosh buggered off, but even when Tom got up all he did was rearrange himself.

Tom's curled up in a small ball between my leg & the back of the couch. A relatively small ball, anyway.

He’s done it a time or two since then, too. & let me tell you have an entire MASSIVE tomcat on your lap will keep you NICELY warm … but better hope you don’t hafta pee anytime soon.

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