all about the caulk

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The caulk jokes are inevitable, I’m just goin with it.

Having purchased more caulk, I immediately used an entire tube caulking the rest of the gaps in the plywood floor, then caulked _nearly_ the entire way around the base of the box.

There's a big purple-painted board above, a thin unpainted board below, & a really messy line of caulk in between.

… in a thorough but not very pretty manner. I’m getting there, but it’s not quick.

I think I’m gonna get the clear stuff again next time — all of this will be either painted or covered, but I still like the idea that if I miss some, it won’t be SCREAMING WHITE.

Still, once it’s painted over, it looks pretty good.

There's still two boards & a line of caulk, but it's all been painted purple now.

& with that, the box is complete.

A wide view of the trailer, from the side this time. The purple-painted boards are fastened all around now. It looks kinda pretty good.

Next up will be the shelves that will support the side walls, along with Surprise!Jigsaw.

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