moar cows

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I was driving around one of the random dirt roads that lead through nobody’s land between the road & the lake, as you do, & across the scrub I saw familiar faces!

Or, well, familiar cows. I don’t know that I’d’ve recognized them just from their faces. But who knows?

Of course I drove closer. I even stopped for a bit.

A solitary cow, black with a white face, gazes at the camera.

The guy on the left had Opinions.

Three cows in a group. Two of them are like 'whatever' but the third, the one on the left, is staring right at the camera. He's brown with a white face. His horns are also white. They're pointed at the camera in, well, a pointed manner.

In fact, right after I took this picture, he Opinionated that maybe I should go away, & he expressed this Opinion with his horns, so in the interests of not having an entire bull in my van the hard way, I left.

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