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I fell down on posting for a while, because there was Stuff, but I got a lot done, so.

When we left our her@, they had just run out of tyvek tape.

Fortunately there is a solution for that; it involves more tyvek tape.

A closer view of the insulation, now taped firmly down all round.

That having been accomplished, it was time to build The Box.

I mentioned the box earlier; basically, it’s the framework upon which the rest of the tinker’s wagon sits. Since mine is going to be VERY large, as such things go, I wanted nice big sturdy boards, hence all those 2x12s. They’ll be going around the sides, just inside the railings all round.

This changes up the order of operations somewhat; here you start with the glue, by which I mean ‘construction adhesive’.

A board with mustard-brown blobs of construction adhesive scattered willy-nilly along it.

… look, I’m just … I’m not very GOOD at this part yet.

Next you put the board in place (with help if available, which it occasionally was, which was NICE, thank you Rowan!), & clamp it the hell down.

A 2x12 board laid vertically against the trailer railing, & held in place by a large clamp.
Same thing but a different clamp on a different part of the board.

After which you don’t really screw anything to anything, because the railing is always in the way, & I am NOT drilling through that THANK you.

Anyway the shelf braces will hold it all in place; the construction adhesive is pretty much just to stick it there til I get to the next bit.

That took a couple of days, since I only had enough big clamps to do one board at a time. In the meantime, I also got more painting done.

Two MORE 2x12 boards, laid across two sawhorses & painted purple on one side & most of the top. This makes sense, I swear.

These will form the shelves, which will rest on the box. You’ll see.

Hey! It’s starting to look MORE like A Thing!

The trailer, seen from the side. The boards of the box are visible between the upright shafts of the railing. The purple looks pretty cool against the black railing.

All that having been accomplished, I got the plywood for the floor cut & laid down, thus using the last of the stuff bought on my first Home Despot trip. Anything past ‘put it there’ was gonna hafta wait, though, because the forecast called for rain.

The trailer bed, this time with sheets of plywood covering the bed.

Fortunately, I have tarps.

If you guessed that this picture showed the trailer covered in tarps, you are correct! Specifically, they're blue tarps.

Next up? I used up the stuff I bought last time, so it’s time to go shopping again…

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