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2019 09 191

Also, a boy. The nice thing about going to Home Despot with somebody else is that they can push the cat stroller while I push the big lumber cart. Or the other way round, depending.

The boy is SO patient, although he’s also REALLY doesn’t get why I keep buying more sticks.

Loiosh gives the cart of 2x12 boards an interested look.

‘But these are just like the other sticks!’

(They’re actually the sticks I painted in the last post. Sue me, there’s a lot going on just now.)

Rowan helped haul the 2x12s, which is why I let him take this picture.

I'm framed by the lumber cart -- a rail above my head, 2x12 boards below, a LOT of tubes of construction adhesive to the right, & a plant with green & white splotched leaves just below my face. I'm sticking my tongue out & flipping off the person holding the camera with both hands. It doesn't mean I don't still love y'all.

I also bought more construction adhesive than I’m likely to use up in the entire rest of my life until I do this again, & accidentally a plant. Both of which fell off the cart in the middle of the parking lot. sending both of us scurrying after rolling tubes of caulk.

(It’s construction adhesive, not caulk, but I can’t stop with the caulk jokes.)

This cartload of sticks is from YET ANOTHER trip, because I’m going to be going to Home Despot at least weekly for the rest of my life, apparently. I gave in & got the plywood cut there this time, because my arms are short & they’ve got a panel saw.

Yet another orange lumber cart, holding yet another load of wood -- this time a sheet of OSB & a bunch of 2x4s.

I want a panel saw. ALL THE TOOLS

Anyway, here is A Boy.

Loiosh in the stroller again. Behind him are racks holding the kind of candy & snacks you find at the cash register. He's really workin that side-eye.

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