this time it’s poultry

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… not in my yard, though, I went to the Bi-County Fair. (That’s McKinley & Cibola counties, for all y’all playing along at home.)

I once read a fanfic where someone named a chicken that looked like this one after Tony Stark, & yes, that is a thing that entirely makes sense to me.

This chicken has gold-coloured feathers, each one edged in black, & overall looks VERY elegant.

This is the Most Classic Rooster.

A white-feathered rooster. His beak & legs are yellow, & his wattles are red. Basically he's got that Foghorn Leghorn thing going.

This is not a chicken at all; it is a muppet.

This chicken has two-toned feathers like Tony Stark, although in this case they're orange-brown edged in tan. But mostly what it's got is a WILD assortment of long skinny feathers sticking out from its head in all directions.


Close up shot of the floof chicken's head. That's. That's a LOT of feathers.

Also there were poofy-head ducks.

A white duck with black wings & a black spot on top of its head. Behind the black spot is a small poof of white feathers. This is a supremely goofy-looking duck.

Also also, I was reminded that geese have teeth.

The long, sinuous neck & head of a grey goose, which is looking out at the camera with a cranky expression.

Because they weren’t terrifying enough ALREADY I GUESS

Closeup of the goose's head. They're more like serrations than teeth, really, but the important part is DO NOT LET THE GOOSE BITE YOU.

Next week y’all get to see my Favourite Goat.

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