you clamp & glue & THEN you screw

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The sky was doing this when I got outside. Not very promising but I figured I’d get as far as I could before the skies opened.

The first thing I did was unpackage & load up my brand new staple hammer, which is the Very Best Tool, I am NEVER using a plain staple gun again, this is SO MUCH FUN.

Basically it's a stapler with a hammer handle. It's sitting on a wooden surface with a lot of staples in it.

It really made it VERY easy to install the housewrap, especially after I stuck the tyvek tape into a tape dispenser, those being designed for the purpose of dispensing tape.

A layer of white plastic housewrap, with a small tape dispenser holding a roll of Tyvek brand tape.

… my taping skills might leave something to be desired, but all of this is getting covered over & caulked anyway, IT’S FINE.

A stretch of the housewrap, laid along the edge of the trailer & held in place with the tape. The taped part is kind of lumpy.

The first strip is down!

The trailer, with a length of housewrap laid all the way down the left side of the bed.

… seriously, this did not take long at ALL. It’s the only thing I had on the schedule for today, because I hadn’t done it before, but I finished it up really pretty quickly.

The staple hammer helped.

The trailer from a slightly different angle, with the entire bed now covered in housewrap.

Loiosh did not.

My sweet, terrible boy, seen from above as he stares intently down a mousehole.

But he also didn’t catch any rodentia, so it’s all good.

I figured I’d just keep going & start framing out the floor.

A length of 2x4 with my folding ruler laying along it.

I spent HOURS building this perfectly cromulent workbench, & here I am using the trailer …

A bunch of 2x2 boards laying across the trailer railings. Also a circular saw.

… well, that’s how that goes, I guess.

Got all the framing measured & cut & laid out!

The trailer, seen from behind again, this time with a grid of 2x2 & 2x4 boards laid on top of the housewrap.

You clamp & glue …

A length of 2x2 & a length of 2x4, laid next to each other & clamped together, with a bottle of wood glue sitting nearby.

… & THEN you screw.

Probably there’s about six entendres of various magnitudes in there but I am tired.

The same two boards, now with a pair of drills & a half gallon container of wood screws set nearby.

Of course nothing ever goes quite as planned. My original intention was to use a 2×4, laid flat, across the front of the trailer, but the edge of the metal frame along there is JUST enough higher than the wood of the trailer bed that it made more sense to run two rows of 2×2 instead. You can see the difference in height here.

A pair of 2x2s clamped together lengthwise. One is visibly lower than the other.

That left one extra 2×4, which I used as the middle span for the framing, just to make things a bit more sturdy. & since the trailer is JUST a bit longer than anticipated, the 2×4 at the end now has a 2×2 glued & screwed alongside it, so that everything fits right.

Right as I was finishing up, I was visited by a hummingbird — I hadn’t even SEEN one around here before — who left a souvenir.

A closeup of my hand, holding a VERY tiny wing feather.

I let the wind carry it off after I got a good picture, no fear.

By then I was getting achy & tired, so that leaves the rest of the framing for tomorrow. I’ll be fixing the perimeter pieces to each other all round tomorrow, & then caulking between those & the metal, & the glueing the rest of the framing pieces in place.

After that, cutting & installing insulation!

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