a Retrospective

2018 01 14 15.15.01

Because 1) I never post enough pictures of Hades, & also 2) I somehow have not taken any cat pictures in the last week.


Anyway I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him that Hades would be an excellent leashcat, & it’s been a hella road. The pic at the top of this post is his first time out in the van with me & Loiosh. He did pretty well, but he was also REALLY glad to get back to the van.

Which is fine! One of the important parts of convincing cats it’s safe to go out on the leash is letting them know there’s a safe place to retreat to. The house is the first one; once they’ve got the hang of that, the van is the second one they learn is safe.

The third place they learn is safe? The booth.

…Hades maybe took a unconventional route to that realization.

But he got the hang of it just fine.

Since then he’s done a lot of wandering with me & he generally has a pretty good time. He’s not as bombproof as Loiosh, but then, who is?

(Answer: Mister Purcy. But I digress.)

But he’s still got those black cat Opinions. So many Opinions.

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