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Loiosh Art

[ Loiosh’s face, skilfully rendered in a digital painting. He’s looking directly at the viewer, one ear tilted slightly back, whiskers on the same side perked forwards. The background is a starfield against a teal, blue and purple nebula; his eyes are starlit blue. ]

A while back a discord friend was bored & asking for suggestions of something to paint, so of course I hauled out a pic of Loiosh. A funny one — remember when I was still taking jewelry pictures outside, & he came over to help? One of the ones where there was a piece of straw on his forehead & I kept giggling about it? Yeah.

& what I got back a couple-three days later was THAT. My HEART, it’s just so beautiful, that’s my BOY. He’s the handsomest, & that’s his beautiful soul shining through.

So very many thanks to Ethemreal, who got bored one day & captured Loiosh’s inner essence in pixel form. Want to see more of its work? (Yes, Ethemreal uses it/its pronouns!) Have a look over here! It does really gorgeous stuff.

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