cats: I was GOING to work on a necklace

2024 02 11 17.23.03

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying on a jewelry design board. His head is resting on one paw and his ears are tilted slightly to the side. One forepaw is draped possessively over a necklace made from brown, grey, and turquoise-colored beads. ]

Apparently my HORRIBLE BOY has decided that I’m not allowed to make jewelry. I don’t know what his reasoning is; possibly he just thinks I need a break, which is fair, I DO, but as I’ve explained to him a BUNCH of times, I really enjoy making jewelry, so perhaps he could try interrupting me while I’m doing something a lot less fun? Which, of course, he doesn’t consider a good argument at ALL, because he’s a JERK.

Anyway he spent probably twenty minutes after he jumped up onto the workbench shoving his head into my hands for LOVE, & turning around repeatedly, & hunkering down in various spots, before he actually laid down properly, so I did manage to get that entire necklace strung. But that’s all I was allowed to do — other than take a bunch of pictures, because of COURSE.

[ A closer view of Loiosh in the same spot, focusing on his nose and on the paw that’s denying me the ability to work on things. ]

After a couple minutes, & some annoyed wiggling, he settled down & fell asleep, apparently satisfied that I’d given up. TBH he wasn’t wrong.

[ Loiosh has turned his head to the side so it’s resting on one foreleg, & tucked the other under himself. His ears are relaxed, and his eyes are entirely closed. ]

I did a couple things outside, started the fire, brought Remy in, chatted with Jasper; a half hour, maybe forty minutes went by, & then Loiosh stood up …

… turned himself around and laid back down.


[ He’s sprawled over even more of the design board now, one hindleg tucked up against his belly, the other stretched out over the edge of the board. His head is resting on a forepaw, which is, in turn, resting on a pair of jewelry pliers. ]

He’s a BIG JERK.

Adorable, though.

[ A closer view of his sweet lil face. ]

I gave up & went upstairs to work on something I was ALLOWED to do.

Bout forty-five minutes later CJ, who’s been itching to make a necklace & decided he was done waiting, sent me this picture:

[ Loiosh is still flopped in the same spot, but he’s picked up his head, and one eye is open. The other is still firmly shut. His ears are perked forward, alert, but he’s definitely glaring at the camera. ]

… what?

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