cats: an afternoon nap

2023 10 31 12.52.29

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness and a blue bow tie, is seen from directly above, curled up in a ball on a blue comforter. ]

After the whole ‘mud, snow, & creek glass’ adventure I was ready for a nap. Fortunately, so was everyone else.

Remy was asleep before I even finished sorting all the creek glass out into a handy container & made my way to the back of the van, which is always nice. Jasper was perfectly content to nap in the passenger seat. Loiosh was the only one who needed any convincing, & even he didn’t need much. Though I did have to apologize AGAIN for not taking HIM along to get muddy & wet.

2023 10 31 12.40.45

[ Loiosh is staring directly into the camera, both eyes partly closed, one drooping more shut than the other. One foreleg extends towards the camera and out of frame, as if that paw is resting on a convenient leg. ]

He also, as is right & proper, demanded A Love before he let me lay down.

2023 10 31 12.40.19

[ Both eyes are almost closed, and his head has drifted downwards a bit. He’s five percent awake at most. ]

We also had to hold paws. He does like holding paws.

2023 10 31 12.40.39

[ One of his forepaws is resting on three of my fingers. He’s looking down at my hand, now, and also the sun has come out, so his lovely orange fur is properly lit. ]

After which he laid down on my arm & we both passed out for, like, four hours, it was AWESOME.

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