delicate spite earrings

2023 06 21 16.37.51

[ a pair of earrings, copper wire with a small green bead at the bottom & a larger silver-and-black bead just above it; above that, two strands of copper wire twist around each other up to the earwires. ]

Bout a month back I dug out a buncha stuff to make earrings for my mom for her birthday. Got em done, stuck em in the mail, still had the parts out & also the world was being horrible, so I made earrings about it. & then KEPT making earrings about it until the bag of earwires was empty.

2023-06-21 16.08.24

[ A small, translucent plastic cup holds a tangle of earrings, perhaps five pairs; there are more of the silver-and black beads, plus some that look like brass, a bunch of small glass beads, and a couple of obviously fake pearls. ]

It was all about spite, you see. Some days all you got to keep you going is spite, & by ‘you’ I mean ‘me’. The world is trying to kill me & everyone I love, so I make earrings about it.

A LOT of earrings, look, it’s like this.

2023-06-17 16.53.34

[ A metal mesh container, bigger than the plastic one in the last pic, holds a much larger tangle of wire and beads; most of the beads are glass, in a variety of shapes and colors, and none of them appear to match each other. ]

(I also made a CRAPTON of lil dooleyjobbers to go in with orders, used up a whole lotta single unique beads that way, & they’ll last me a WHILE)

ANYWAY the earrings are all up in a dibs post that went up probably 45 minutes ago on my patreon & ko-fi; sign up at $5/month or more & you, too, can get first dibs (AND a deal) on stuff I make.

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