cats: hot weather cuddles

2023 06 04 14.53.50

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is loosely curled up on a footrest, with his chin resting on my foot and his butt end tucked into the bend of my knee. His eyes are just the littlest bit open. ]

The conundrum: it’s hot. But cats need cuddles.

Solution: don’t get too close.

2023-06-04 15.02.23

[ A closer view: the tip of Loiosh’s tail is tucked under his nose. His eyes are shut, but both ears are tilted just slightly off to the side; he’s still awake, if barely. ]

Of course that still gets pretty warm, but a cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

(at least only one of us is sweating)

2023-06-07 20.18.38

[ Loiosh is curled more tightly now, still leaning against my leg, but on the other side. ]

It’s always a little easier in the evenings, once the sun’s gone down. Everything’s easier once it’s cooler out.

But you’ve still gotta survive the day.

2023-06-20 18.30.23

[ He’s stretched out in this picture, one foreleg draped over my knee (which also has a blue smudge of paint), the rest of him sprawled along the length of the footrest. His eyes are open but his ears aren’t doing a thing; I think he’s actually, hilariously, asleep. ]

I’m just glad it’s getting cooler. More snuggles (less sweat)!

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