cats: yes this IS another post about Loiosh eating grass

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a blue bow tie, is standing on a lovely boulder, sniffing at a stand of lovely green grass. ]


Anyway we’ve been going up to Salida a bunch, because we’ve been having a lotta stuff shipped up to the mailbox we have there, & of COURSE I bring the boy, I’m not gonna leave him shouting at the door all day for everyone ELSE to have to deal with.

So then we go wandering the Riverwalk & he eats grass. That’s just how it goes.

2023-04-14 15.57.39

[ Loiosh has shoved his head into the stand of grass; his mouth is partway open in what looks like a snarl. ]

I’m pretty sure that face was just because the grass was bending his whiskers funny, but who knows, he mighta been doing MIGHTY HUNTER OF GRASS face.

2023-04-14 15.58.14

[ Nomf! Loiosh’s head is turned ninety degrees to the side, and is blurry to boot. He’s just about to chomp down on the blade of grass in his mouth. ]

& then some people walked by! & they might have SEEN him! With his face like that!

2023-04-14 15.58.36

[ He’s turned to look over his left shoulder at the path behind him, ears and whiskers alert. There’s nobody on the path. ]


2023-04-14 15.58.42

[ he’s turned his head back, and is looking forward, over the clump of grass. His whiskers are perked very forward but his ears are tilted just a bit out to the sides. Overall he looks pretty befuddled. ]

… what!?

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