cats: tiniest & … snuggliest?

[ Marisol, a tiny longhaired calico, is curled up in a green rectangubar basket, facing off to the left. Her whiskers are ridiculously long. She looks extremely pleased. ]

Marisol has been getting SO much bolder, & it’s been SO good to watch. But even so, I hadn’t expected her to curl up in the cat bed on top of the printer — the one that’s RIGHT next to my desk — any time real soon.

Welp. I was wrong.

2023-04-07 14.39.44

[ A slightly wider view of the basket, showing that Marisol has flopped onto her side, looking quite comfortable. One dainty forepaw rests on the blanket in front of her; the other is gently curled, toe beans facing towards her chest. Those really are some astonishing whiskers. ]

She’s been there a bunch of times since then, too, sometimes on her own, sometimes curled up with her sister. I’ve even been allowed to pet her! She’s doing SO well here.

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