cats: in which Sigdis is mostly proud to be asleep

[ A black blob stuffed into a cat bed. There’s an ear visible, next to a brightly-colored tiny rainbow cowboy hat. ]

… is there even a cat under there,

I mean YES, Sigdis is very fond of sleeping & doesn’t tend to want to make up for less than world-shattering emergencies, or, you know, kibble.

I kept taking pictures, because if course I did.

2023-04-07 14.39.53

[ A side view, this time. Not only is there an ear, there’s an entire cat behind it. Sigdis is apparently still asleep, because the hat is still tilted forward, covering half her face, and she hasn’t moved at all. ]

Sometimes pet pictures are hard. That’s because they wiggle (& are also buttheads (the critters, not the pictures)). A sleepy cat who doesn’t wake up easily is every pet photographer’s dream. (I mean probably not, anyone paying for professional photographs PROBABLY wants their pet looking at the camera, but, welp.)

2023-04-07 14.40.01

[ A closer view, a different angle: the hat’s been tilted upwards a bit, and Sigdis’s one visible ear is having stronger opinions. ]

Eventually, of course, she woke up. & inevitably shook off the hat & ran away, highly offended, right?

2023-04-07 14.40.22

[ Sigdis has sat up; the hat is now laying on her side. She’s got a forepaw braced on the side of the bed, and she’s leaning forward to sniff at the hat. Her ears and whiskers are forward; she’s not in the least upset. ]

AHAHAHAHA no, that would be effort.

2023-04-07 14.40.20

[ The hat’s in the same spot, but Sigdis has turned her head away from the camera. Both head and stuck-out tongue are blurry with motion, but hey, tongue. ]

& then? She had a bath. & then another nap.

Sigdis is a simple soul, & she knows the best ways to be happy.

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