cats: I swear he chomfed it

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is laying on my bed. He’s being gently poked in the side by a BRIGHT yellow foam sword. His mouth is very slightly open, and possibly his tongue is sticking out a bit, but it’s hard to tell. ]

… he totally opened his mouth real wide & nomfed down on the sword. RIGHT before I grabbed my camera. I PROMISE.

Cats are buttheads.

2023-03-30 23.52.45

[ The sword is blurry now, in the foreground; Loiosh has turned his head and is looking straight into the camera. ]

Why. Why do you allow this, human. Why.

Jasper & I both kept urging him to pleeeeeease just could you chew on it again a LITTLE BIT, come on it’ll be HILARIOUS, & then I think Jasper poked him in the ear, because

2023-03-30 23.55.59

[ Loiosh has stood up and turned around; he’s standing off-balance, mostly because he’s flapping his head HARD and it’s spinny blurry. ]

& then we laughed at him a whole lot.

… okay, fine, we’ll hush.

2023-03-30 23.56.18

[ The sword is in the immediate foreground of the shot. Behind it is Loiosh, head turned away, as if embarrassed. ]

He’s basically a good-natured boy, though, & eventually deigned to at least sniff the sword.

2023-03-30 23.56.40

[ Both Loiosh and the sword are in focus, now, mostly because Loiosh’s head is right above the tip; he’s sniffing it intently, looking for all the world as if he’s thinking about taking a bite. ]

… he did not take a bite.

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