makin things: no way is that gonna … oh well FINE

[ A piece of brown seaglass, simply wrapped with copper wire with a loop at the top, sits underneath a length of much thicker copper wire that has a loop at one end and a small, loose spiral at the other. ]

Sometimes I really don’t know what I’m doing, by which I mean I’ll pick up some wire & a tool & my hands will do a thing & then I sit there going “WTF even am I gonna … what. what.”

This was one of those times. The seaglass is fine! The loopy wire bit is fine! If I hung the seaglass from the bottom of the wire — here meaning the spiral — it’d be fine!

… that wasn’t what my hands wanted to do. & I couldn’t see a way to hang the seaglass from the middle without both the spiral & the seaglass hanging straight down & whacking into each other.

But my hands were like “no it’ll be fine” so I gave it a shot anyways.

… I did start with the easy bit, though, I admit that.


[ Everything is in more-or-less the same place, but both the loop at the top of the seaglass and the one at the end of the wire have jump rings in them now. ]

Sometimes you gotta kinda work your way into it, is what.

I figured I’d just wrap some of the wire, then stick the seaglass on with one loop at a couple different spots & see how bad the balance was.


[ Thinner copper wire has been wrapped around the thicker stuff, starting down at the spiral end and running about halfway up. ]

I wrapped it partway, added an extra loop to hold the seaglass on, & held it up to see how it hung. It hung so the two feet of extra copper wire was down, so I snipped that short & tried again.

It hung just fine.

I tried it further up.

It hung just fine there, too.

… huh.

So I just picked a spot, wrapped the thin wire through the jump ring three or four times, ran it all the way up to the other end & finished it off.

It hangs just fine.


[ My hand, holding up the piece. The copper bit hangs at an angle, the spiral off to the left, about even with the jump ring holding the seaglass to it. It hangs just fine. ]

… & then I tried another one this afternoon, figuring HEY now I know how to do this, & hadda fart around with it for like 45 minutes, idek. Came out okay though.

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