cats: a boy & his … filet of fish?

[ A paper plate with a good-sized filet of some kind of fish sits on the floor. Loiosh, an orange tabby, is tentatively taking a bite from the closer end. ]

Remember the hot dog incident?

We did that again, only with an entire filet of fish. It was, once again, hilarious.

He didn’t spend near as much time investigating the situation as before, probably because he’s more used to being presented with largish chunks of fish. (Usually they’re sushi, but he’s not picky.) He was pretty much all in, right away.


[ Loiosh is taking a bite closer to the middle of the filet. His muzzle is wrinkled up a bit, as if he were growling. He wasn’t, because everybody knew better than to mess with his fish. ]

Taking a moment to savor things …


[ His mouth is partway open and his tongue is sticking out. He’s not so much licking the fish, by the looks of things, as huffing it. ]

I love getting these ‘big nomf’ pictures. He looks like SUCH a dork.


[ Loiosh’s mouth is WIDE open and he’s taking a BIG bite of fish. ]

NOMF nomf.


[ Loiosh’s mouth is closed. His head is still hovering over the plate, but he’s side-eyeing the camera. Pointedly. ]

… what?

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