cats: they’re not … yeah, they’re totally snuggling

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[ Sigdis, a black cat, and Loiosh, an orange tabby, are curled up together in a cat bed. Sigdis has a paw draped over the edge onto the tabletop, and her head is resting on top of Loiosh’s. ]

… what is this I see?

Why, it is SNUGGLING.

I snuck over to get more pictures.


[ The cat bed from above. Sigdis’s tail is curled over Loiosh’s hindlegs. ]

I got lucky, they were extremely asleep.



[ Another perspective — one of Loiosh’s ears is folded under Sigdis’s head. He usually HATES that. ]

It’s a bit bittersweet — back in the day, Loiosh would lay on top of Chocolate to keep him warm. Now it’s his turn to have someone else keeping him warm. I’m against mortality in general, but it especially shouldn’t apply to cats. Yet, here we are.

Also, beans.


[ Sigdis’s forepaw is stuck down over the side of the cat bed, and tucked so that her little black beans are facing up. She has tiny tiny paws. ]

… & then Loiosh woke up, yawned, stretched, realized what was going on, & BOOM instant slapfight.

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