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[ A low wood grain table is covered with small sorted piles of jewelry bits, most with a moon and star theme. ]

I finally, finally had the chance to sit down & make some jewelry.

It’s been FAR too long. I’ve spent at least a bit of time every day this week working on stuff. I’ve really, really missed it.

I didn’t manage to take process pics, mostly because I don’t have signal from the precise spot where I put my workbench (this’ll change once my cabin is done), but you can at least admire the piles of cool stuff I got to play with.


[ My jewelry workbench, filled with more treasures – copper wire, more stars and moons, a necklace with colorful glass beads and three Egyptian sarcophagi made of clay. ]

This is the first stuff  I made:


[ A pair of earrings and a pendant. Each has a round, slightly domed piece of brass at the bottom, with curved, hammered wire at the top, and red and blue beads. ]

& here is most of the rest!


[ Seen from above, a white plastic ice cream container. About the bottom third of it is a tangle of beads, copper, and charms in the shape of moons and stars. ]

… I’m still going. There’s gonna be a LOT.

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