SPOON: kitchen sink!

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[ A stainless steel kitchen sink sits upside down on top of a white folding table. The table also holds a variety of tools and a red cardboard box labeled ‘Milwaukee’. ]

One of the hardest parts of cooking & eating when you’re living rough is cleaning dishes. You can eat with disposable stuff — & we still do, pretty often — but you still gotta wash your pots & pans.

Fortunately I found a kitchen sink at an abandoned house, we had a bunch of 2×4 offcuts from pallets & various other places, & Morgyn’s dad sent us a nice big hunk of scrap plywood.

After that all I hadda do was cut a hole for the sink, shove that in, & then apply 2×4 bits until it stood up & wasn’t gonna break.


[ A three by five sheet of nice thick plywood, with the kitchen sink embedded in it, stands on barely-visible two by four legs. ]

Y’all, I built this thing STURDY.


[ A view from underneath — the sink itself is framed in two by fours. More two by fours also run along the edges of the plywood. Each leg is screwed into the plywood at the corners, and also braced with a diagonal piece of two by four. ]

Et voila! A kitchen sink!


[ The sink stands, on very sturdy legs, outside, with a view of a cloudy sky behind it — but not solid grey clouds; the sky is filled with big cumulus clouds, white above, shades of grey and blue below. ]

& here it is in place & in use!


[ The kitchen sink is in the container now. Both sinks hold white plastic dish bins. A five gallon water jug sits in a pottery base, at the corner of one of the sinks. To the right is a dish drainer with a roll of paper towels on it. To the left is a bunch of dishes. ]

We’ve still got to heat water in the kettle, & haul the grey water out by hand, but dishes get done now — mostly by Morgyn & CJ, bless them both. It’s making life a LOT easier.

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