June 2022


cats: Tom goes wandering

[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is walking down a set of wooden stairs from Tyrava’s door. Someone’s legs are visible just inside the doorway, one sandaled shoe just sticking out into the sunlight.] We tried talking Tom into modeling on the new stairs I just built for Tyrava, but that was … ineffective.


SPOON: Borgia gets a door

[A vintage, eight-paned window, the frame painted green, leans against a pallet; behind it is an equally vintage window screen the same size.] Also a window, but that’s going in later.


cats: Tom about town

[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is hunkered up in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outside. Past him, on the ground, is the framed-out floor I’ve been mostly not working on.] Okay, he hasn’t actually been around town at all, because mostly all we do in town is shopping trips, & he’s not really into those. Although …

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