cats: Tom about town

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is hunkered up in Tyrava’s doorway, looking outside. Past him, on the ground, is the framed-out floor I’ve been mostly not working on.]

Okay, he hasn’t actually been around town at all, because mostly all we do in town is shopping trips, & he’s not really into those. Although I might take him into Big R one of these days anyway; last time he went to one he led us right to the wheel & caster section, which was on deep clearance.

So, much like Loiosh, he’s been running around outside a bunch & then sleeping really hard.


[He’s curled up on a pile of clothing and such, tucked up against a black practice sword.]

He likes sleeping on Jasper’s stuff. Or at Jasper’s feet, if he’s in bed. I’d say that he was very fond of Jasper, except that he also keeps trying to trip him, so.

Cats: who knows.

Look at this peacefully sleeping boy:


[Tom’s absolutely flopped out, stretched with his forepaws out in front of him, head resting between them; his hindparts are half-turned to show his vast, pale belly.]

Come closer to gaze upon the adorableness!


[A close view of his head. His ears are a-twitch, and one eye is just opening.]

Annnd I woke him up.


[He’s lifted his head and is glaring sleepily at the camera.]

… what?

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