cats: Tom goes wandering

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is walking down a set of wooden stairs from Tyrava’s door. Someone’s legs are visible just inside the doorway, one sandaled shoe just sticking out into the sunlight.]

We tried talking Tom into modeling on the new stairs I just built for Tyrava, but that was … ineffective.


[Tom’s walked down the stairs onto the brown outdoor carpet below, and is heading right for the camera, one forepaw raised, tail straight up.]

He was willing to help with the wide shots of our entire … encampment, I guess you could call it.


[Tom’s walking across barren ground towards the camera, this time with both Tyrava and Borgia in the background.]

& then he even deigned to do a Dramatical Pose!


[Tom’s seen in profile, sitting down, nearly silhouetted against the brilliance of the sky. His ears are perked forward.]

… what?


[Tom’s turned his head to face the camera. One ear’s still perked forward, but the other’s pointed off to the side.}

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