cats: I SWEAR he does things other than sleep

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[Loiosh is curled up on my bed, head tucked into the lap of a toy orange cat.]

He won’t admit it, but he really does like his little Jorts toy.

He’s been spending a lot of his days outside — fear not, the nearest road is half a mile away, the nearest people not much closer, & with nothing but low brush around us, it’s easy to keep an eye on him. I still can’t wait til we have the catio built, though.

But what with all the dashing around on the land, he’s been wearing himself out a lot. So when he sleeps, he SLEEPS.


[He’s laying on my bed again, this time on his side, one front paw draped over the side of the bed, both hindlegs stretched out. His tail is draped gently over his ankles.]

& pretty often he sleeps in weird cat shapes.


[He’s on his side again, hindparts curled up, front half turned so he’s almost on his back, one forepaw curled up next to his head, bottom of his chin facing up.]

… as you do.


[Loiosh is laying on his side again, butt tucked up against my left foot, hindpaws pressed against my right thigh, forepaws stretched out to touch my right ankle.]

He’s been snuggling a lot, too. It’s nice, waking up to him cuddled up right next to my pillow, where I can just wrap an arm around him & go back to sleep.

Maybe one of these days I’ll even manage to get video of him dashing madly across the prairie. But not today, it’s raining.

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