cats: huffing the chocolate edition

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[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up in his cat bed. He’s facing the camera, but only the upper part of his head is visible, because he’s got his chin shoved into a plastic bag. The label on the bag contains nutrition information, but most of it isn’t very legible.]

You gotta wonder about the boy sometimes. Like, what’s in that bag, & why is he huffing it.


[Loiosh has picked up his head and is looking off to the left, manifestly uninterested in what the person with the camera is doing. The entirety of the bag is now in view, revealing that it’s filled with small round candy-coated bits of chocolate, in red, green, and white.]

Chocolate. He’s huffing the chocolate.

(He wasn’t actually huffing the chocolate, the bag was closed.)

(But the chocolate helps Momma feel better? So I guess it was worth a try?)



[He’s shoved his chin back into the bag, and one eyes is mostly closed. The other is only slightly open. He is, quite clearly, done.]

Same, Loiosh. Same.

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