cats: NOT CUDDLING edition

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[Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is curled up in a cat bed; Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up at the edge of the bed, trying to work his way in. Tom looks underwhelmed by this.]

It was chilly that night, is what. & every once in a while Loiosh attempts to make use of this.

Tom just does NOT like this idea. Which is a shame, cuddles are nice, warms are good, but I think he spent too much time as the preeminent neighborhood tomcat to be okay with this.


[Tom’s expression is best described as ‘resigned’. Just a bit of Loiosh’s hinder end is visible, leaned up against Tom.]

Loiosh, however, was determined. There WILL be cuddling.


[Loiosh is still kinda hunkered up, but he’s been able to relax a little bit. His ears are still stuck out to the sides, though.]

Eventually Tom gave in. Kinda. Temporarily. Just because it was easier. Not because he actually WANTED to cuddle.


[Seen from above, both boys are curled up in the basket, head to butt. Loiosh looks pretty relaxed; Tom still has a skeptical expression.]

Not at ALL enjoying himself here.


[Tom’s leaned his head back, just a bit, and his eyes are closed.]

Course as soon as I got up Tom buggered off, but hey, progress!

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