cats: churu edition

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[Loiosh, an orange tabby, is face-to-face with a torn-open packet of gooshy cat food.]

Yes, this IS an entire post of the boys eating churu at the vet.

Seems this vet wisely finishes up each exam with a treat — there’s a big jar of peanut butter on the counter for dogs, & she keeps a box of churu packets in the cabinet for the cats. Churu, in case you haven’t encountered it, is basically the tastiest gooshyfud ever, packaged in little single-serving packets. You tear the end off & squeeze it out, & your cat licks it all up, & everyone is happy.


[Loiosh’s tongue is stuck WAY out, licking up the bit of churu sticking out of the packet.]

Loiosh only wanted a little bit, though. Being at the vet tends to make him cranky. I was hoping the churu would cheer him up but he just wanted to be Not There. & indeed, he cheered up as soon as we were out the door — cheered up RIGHT across the parking lot, in fact, I hadda chase his ass down.

Tom, on the other hand …


[Major Tom, a big grey tabby seen very much in closeup, sniffs curiously at the open packet of churu.]

Tom was perfectly happy to finish up the churu. Every scrap.


[Tom’s tongue is stuck out just a little bit, lapping up a squeezed-out bit of churu.]

Churu, Mom. CHURU. (tbf it IS also kinda fun to say.)


[Tom’s head is tilted just a bit more forward, getting him closer to the treat, and his tongue is stuck WAY out.]


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