process: DIY soap pics &c

[A big glass measuring bowl is about halfway filled with pale blue liquid, swirled with brown powder. There’s a long spoon stuck in the bowl. Next to it is a container with deep cobalt blue powder with a blue-stained metal measuring spoon on top, and another container with a green lid.]

Lastly & not remotely least, the Do It Yourself soaps! I took the pictures while working on a batch of Wicked Girls soap, cos it looks cool while I mix it up & also because that’s what needed to get done just then.

Then I forgot to get a picture of it in the mold, so I grabbed one of the blackberry soap I did for March’s Soap of the Month. Still looks cool.

soap diy 1

[A purple soap mold holds a loaf’s worth of pale grey soap speckled with tiny dark grey flecks.]

The nice thing about soap is I already had several pictures of a pile of unlabeled soap in various colors, so one of those made a natural third picture for the DIY soap. But the rest of the listings could stand to be bulked out a bit, so I finished up with a couple ingredient pictures.

This was my fourth or fifth attempt to get a good shot of some of the essential oils, after cleaning all the dust off the tops & then turning the bottles so it wasn’t label city in there.

essentials diy

[A metal mesh cd storage box holds, instead, a bunch of amber glass jars full of essential oils and other scents.]

& then I couldn’t resist getting a shot of some of the colorants & other additives, because pretty colors!

colors diy

[Five jars sit on a tabletop. The contents range in color from forest green to sparkly yellow to a rich, deep purple, with orange and a sort of tan in between.]

Now I just gotta get another *counts* several dozen batches of soap done …

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