cats: chimkin edition

Chimkin 7

[ Loiosh’s face takes up most of the picture. He’s looking at something just below the camera, very intently.]

Do you see this face? This is the face of a cat who did not get enough chicken. Even though he was Very Polite.

(I need to add the disclaimer that I did not take these pictures. Nor did I eat the chicken. This was all Jasper.)

Witness the polite. He’s just looking! That’s all!

chimkin 1

[He’s standing on his hindlegs, forepaws just out of sight but clearly propped up on something, staring at the camera with wide, entreating eyes.]

HOW could you not give this cat some chimkin!

chimkin 2

[He’s in the same spot, but has turned his head to look off to the right, presumably at the chicken in question.]

Perhaps he just needs to get your attention.

chimkin 3

[One forepaw is on the table leg, and the other has been gently placed on the edge of the tabletop. He’s back to looking beseechingly at the camera.]

I think the chimkin was getting waved around over his head, here.  Which I gotta admit isn’t entirely fair.

chimkin 4

[ He’s generally in the same spot, but looking upwards. His whiskers are VERY forward.]

Time to up the ante, because you’re obviously ignoring him.

chimkin 5

[Loiosh is making big eyes, and one paw is held just above Jasper’s arm, pleadingly.]

… how. How can you not give this cat some chimkin!

chimkin 6

[The paw has been gently placed upon Jasper’s arm, but Loiosh is gazing sadly off to the left, exactly where the plate is.]

To be fair to Jasper, he had given Loiosh quite a large piece of chicken.

To be fair to Loiosh, it was not ENOUGH chicken.

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