small beauties: unexpected snow day

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[Looking up through the trees — green ponderosa needles capped with tufts of snow, all in front of a deep blue sky veiled in sheer cirrus clouds. ]

Friday there was surprise! Five inches of snow!

It was LOVELY.

Saturday I hadda go outside to take jewelry pics anyway, so I went for a lil walk.

I love how good wet snow will hold the print from my Manitobah Mukluks. I love the design on the soles, done by a Cree artist named Heather Endall. I love how warm they keep my feet.


[ A print from a boot. The tread design is a stylized tipi with a campfire in front of it and mountains rising behind. ]

Plenty of snow still clung where it had fallen …


[ Tiny branches, some already bearing what will eventually be buds, hold a tuft of snow. In the background are more bushes. ]

… but most of what was on the roof has already melted, leaving ice-covered branches.


[ One twig is coated in ice almost an inch thick. Behind it, sturdier branches hold even thicker ice, as well as icicles. ]

No, I didn’t touch ANY of those plants while I was outside. None at all whatsoever, not even a little bit.

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