cats: a sleepy Tom edition

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is flopped on his side on a bright patchwork quilt. His paws are tucked up in front of him, and his pale belly is exposed. He is smiling in his sleep. ]

I love seeing how deeply Tom sleeps these days. He’s so comfortable & happy living inside, where he knows he’s safe. I didn’t even disturb him taking pictures; he was OUT.


[ A close view of one of Tom’s forepaws, tucked up against his chest. His toe beans are black. ]

I got to see Tom sleeping plenty of times while he was still living rough, but never deeply asleep; he always had an ear cocked for trouble. He had to, just to survive. He’s a big tomcat, but there’s plenty of predators out there bigger than him.

Once he came inside, though, he realized pretty quickly that he was actually safe. Watching him sleep, & sleep hard, was so nice. He really enjoyed himself, too — he did pretty much nothing other than eat & sleep for three whole weeks after I brought him inside.


[ A closer view of Tom’s face. His chin is white, and he’s smiling in his sleep. ]

It was another year or two before I caught him smiling in his sleep, though. I love his Cheshire smile.

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